Kirk Ansari
Real Estate Broker
Berkeley, California

         I have known Robert Blake for over four years now and I can’t say enough good things about him. I got to know him when he was managing a reputable accounting firm in Walnut Creek, California.

When I met Rob, I was very impressed with his level of professionalism and knowledge of various tax and bookkeeping aspects. At the time I was getting a little dissatisfied with my previous tax preparer.

I had fairly complicated accounting since I was involved with several investment properties. I asked Rob if he would be kind enough to help me with my accounting as well as prepare me for filing my tax returns. I learned that he was not only a very competent tax preparer, but also very efficient with other software like Excel spread sheets. Rob spent many hours in late evenings and some Saturdays to bring my accounting to a sensible format. He responded very quickly to all my needs and his work was always impeccable. He helped me significantly when the real estate bubble burst and I was facing several foreclosures and short sales. At the time this area of the tax law was not very well known and few people knew how to advise their clients about such matters. We had to do a lot of planning so that we could take the correct path to finalize this unpleasant business.  I was really worried about the huge tax liability that I might have, but Rob was actually able to get me a sizable refund for the last 2 years.

What was important, I knew Rob really knew his craft and he was very honest and accurate. Another aspect of his work is reliability and responsiveness. When I compare my experience with my previous accountant and the level of service and professionalism I am receiving from Rob, I wished I had known him several years earlier.

Rob decided to move to Utah several years ago. I thought I had lost a true professional. Not so! Rob continued his services for me with the same accuracy and speed and at the same low cost when he was in California and close to me.

Another thing that Rob did, he suspected that several previous year returns that were prepared by others had some mistakes in them. Rob prepared a very complicated amended return for the previous years and submitted it to IRS for a very sizable refund.

Robert is fair, very honest, professional, and very knowledgeable about his craft.  I highly recommend him, particularly to those who might have complicated situations. And the internet offers him the ability to work with clients regardless of their place of residence or business.

(801) 763-8295
Alan Anderson, DDS, MBA

Thanks again for your tax services this year!

As I reflect on this year I realized that you have been doing my personal and business taxes now for twenty four years in a row.  I could tell you in words how much confidence I have in your abilities, but I think the twenty four years of history says it better than I could ever put into words.

Looking back I believe you have helped me through the purchase, sale, partnership buy-in, incorporation of, or dissolution of at least ten different business, and at least as many real estate transactions.

When I moved out of state I wondered if my move would make the process more difficult, but your tax prep package has made the whole process simple and easy.

I know my own accounting could have been better at times, but you have patiently worked with me to sort it all out.   I’m not sure how you keep track of it all, but I’m glad you get to worry about that and I don’t have to.

Thanks again for your professionalism, your integrity, and your friendship.

Appreciatively, Alan

Gregory Call, DC
San Ramon, California

Rob Blake has been doing accounting, tax preparation and tax representation for me and my chiropractic practice for over twenty years. His personal and professional qualifications make him easy to recommend to other professionals and friends. His knowledge of tax preparation, dealing with IRS issues, and understanding of the tax laws has really helped me and my business. He is hard working, trustworthy, and the professional I go to for my accounting and tax preparation. Thanks Rob for all you have done.

Ron Atkins
Gilbert, Arizona

Rob Blake has advised our family on tax matters and prepared our tax returns for ten years.  With our six rental properties in four states, I fully expected dealing remotely with Rob would be difficult when his family moved from California to Utah, but decided to give it a try.   That was several years ago, and working with Rob has been seamless regardless of the distance between us.

Since then we moved from California to Arizona, changed from working to retired, and bought and sold numerous homes, including rental properties.   We have worked with Rob running his business out of Northern California, Oregon, and now out of Utah, and nothing has changed.  We still receive the same timely, personalized, and accurate service we received a decade ago when we started this relationship, and, I am convinced that Rob has saved us significant money along the way by constantly finding ways to legally maximize our refund year after year. 

I cannot think of a business relationship I have enjoyed more than this one, and I would recommend Rob Blake’s tax services for anyone, from the simplest individual to the more complex small business returns.  

Jeff Dobkins
Business Owner
Mill Valley, California

This note is to share my experiences working with Robert Blake.  I have been a client of Rob’s for over 10 years.  We have worked through quite the series of diversified tax and accounting issues.  I was self employed with 2 businesses (one incorporated, one not), real estate and stock transactions, relocations, and an audit from the IRS.
Rob and I worked together to meet every challenge posed to us, including ways to navigate and account for businesses with high transaction volumes, tedious bookkeeping, and many other issues such as payroll.  Rob has also been responsible for all of my personal tax filings.

Some time ago I was audited.  Rob represented me 100 percent in a professional manner.  I had little contact with the agent.  Rob was on top of the situation from day one.  The end result was a closed case and not a cent owed!  Not one cent!
Rob has always understood situations.  I have always found him to be prompt in answering my questions and a good member of my financial team.  I would recommend his services to anyone.